Speed Dating Questions to Use for Conversation Starters

It is increasingly difficult for individuals to meet up with others of the opposite sex. This could be because they are either too focused on their careers or they have become so used to communicating via high tech machines that they have lost the art of communicating one to one with another person. Speed dating is a revolutionary new concept that was introduced by a Rabbi in 1998. He did… Read More »

Express Dating In New York: Speed Dating

Speed dating is an innovative new take on the traditional match making where the right guy gets paired up with the right girl. This could be a long process and involve a lot of time. Speed dating is a kind of fast-paced match making in keeping with today’s increasingly fast paced lifestyles in New York City. Anyone who is single and looking to mingle should give speed dating a try.… Read More »

The Culture of Jewish Speed Dating

The whole concept of speed dating was the brainchild of Rabbi Yaacov Deyo of the Aish HaTorah. He was very concerned about the fate of single Jews in large cities including New York where the Jews were a minority and so he decided there should be an easy way for them to meet and mingle in the hope of meeting someone to bond with. The single word ‘speeddating’ is an… Read More »

Speed Dating: A Fun Way to Meet People

In today’s fast-paced world, we look for newer and faster ways to do everything, whether it is communicating, commuting or dating. Even youngsters are on a fast-track towards achieving their ambitions and have no time for old-fashioned wooing and courting methods. Speed-dating is the latest innovation which has come about to meet an old –fashioned need. Speed dating is in effect a new take on the traditional system of matchmaking.… Read More »

Eight Minute Speed Dating: A Fun Way For Singles To Meet

Speed dating is an innovative new concept, which has come about to incorporate an old fashioned need in today’s fast paced world. These popular speed-dating events are usually eight minutes long and provide you with a perfect opportunity to meet single members of the opposite sex. This is a comfortable, safe and fun way to find a dream date who is perfect for you. At every 8-minute speed dating event… Read More »